I'm building nests (well, scripting/plotting them, of course). Maybe it's a side effect of spending so much time at home. My mother draws nests, has done for longer than I've been around. 

I think it started off a couple years ago where I was trying to catch some of the gesture and irregularity of hand drawing a circle. Here, my surgeon-like precision is shown . . . (perhaps I need to lay off the coffee?)
And then the Dynamo sketch to try and get that same jitteryness.  
I revisisted the idea a couple months ago trying to do a series

Which, when you get a bunch all together, they just kind of resolved into . . . circlezzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

What is it about nests that are interesting? They're just accumulations of linear elements. (Here's a Dynamo to Inkscape, just playing with line color and width)

But "real" nests have volume and irregularity (Here's a plot which some errors introduced with removing some tape that I thought was less sticky

Nests are also assemblages, little found object sculptures woven out of bits and pieces of things

Have I started using sparkly and shiny pens in my plotter? Why, yes, I have.

Dynamo Graphs: Circles and Nests


  1. Hey Zack, nice to see some activity here, and to see you approaching the "organic" from a different angle. I'm still out here in the desert of course, and enjoying more time for my various obsessions. Keep em coming!


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