Pumpkin variatals


Happy Halloween!

This time around it's a cold and wintery one, with snow on the ground here in New England. Pandemic is likely going to mean it's also quiet tonight, without much trick or treating. Just another reason to remember to VOTE! Let's get this pandemic under control with a little respect for science and public health . . .  if you are going candy-hunting tonight, DOUBLE MASK!

Because I am an exceedingly lazy person, this year's pumpkin(s) are a variety of the Adler pottery life drawing exercise from a few weeks back. The Dynamo definition is a little bit simplified from that one for the basic form making, but there's additional complexity around color and making the stem and face. 

The only changes to make it work in Generative Design for Revit is setting the "Slidey Bits" on the right side to "is input"

And adding an "is ouput" over in the pink section on the right to make sure I'm getting a good stem. I was trying out a new way to get some nice more organic taper to the stem with some Geometry.Intersect, and sometimes the boolean operation is a little dicey.

If you download the .dyn file, you can open it in Dynamo for Revit 2021, and "Export to Generative Design" then "Create Study"

Pick the Dynamo file you just created from the menu, and get started with a "Random" generation of 40

You could optimize . . . but really, this one is just going to optimize for a nice juicy stem. Which is great, if that's your thing. Otherwise, mess around with the file and see if there are other aspects that you want to favor. Personally I have been digging the variations with a taller mouth, kind of in the "Scream" sensibility

Enjoy the autumn, make your civic voice heard, and wear a mask regardless of costume.