Repeat and Divide Prt IV: Reactor


About a year and a half ago I did a bunch of videos on Robert Woodbury’s Parametric Pattern “Reactor”.  Revit added a couple features in the meantime that make this pattern a whole lot more accessible. 

Repeat and Divide Prt IV: Reactor


Dataset available for download here.



  1. Long Nguyen ( 18, 2012 at 8:18 AM

    Repeat is a great addition to Revit 2013. It works in many different ways, depending on the context. Try using Repeat on two instances simultaneously (each instance snaps to more than one grid node), it will behave quite interestingly. I have not seen this particularly behavior mentioned on the wikihelp, but it is not hard to deduce.

    And guess what, with Repeat, now we have a correct solution to model a truss system that followed an arbitrarily curved surface. Previously we had to use Pattern Based Curtain Panels, which cannot be used to correctly model the rods that connect the top of the (inverse) pyramids of the truss system. These bars were typically broken, disconnected or positioned incorrectly.

  2. I presented at RTC yesterday on just this topic - worked out with a lot of help from your posts last year (thanks for that). I also posted some videos on youtube - see the links from my blog:

    Tim Waldock

  3. is their anyway to make a curve reactor not just point?

  4. Should be able to do a number of sampling points . . . not sure about a smooth curve reactor.

  5. Thanks for this great post. Video tutorials such as this and your blog as a whole is so incredibly helpful for Revit users seeking to delve deeper into the design capabilities of the software.

  6. Finally Revit added what I've be looking for years...Thanks Zack, great post!

  7. Zach:
    I was giving this a try with a spline, seeing if we could get it to roughly work like a smooth curve reactor, but run into a consistent problem.

    I am using a spline by points, which is then divided into say 5. I load in the adaptive component, which has 6 points (the 5 points + the element being changed) click the points and then hit repeat.
    However, it says there is only one element in the repeat, as if it won't repeat on the surface as there are no more points in the divided spline to use. I would expect it be able to tell I want to use the 5 divided points and repeat over the surface, but no luck!

    If this was to work we could make a divided spline by x amount of points, making a really nice fairly smooth curve.
    Hope this makes sense, and thanks!

  8. Hi Adriel,
    I the sketch for the sphere probably needs the center aligned and locked to the point . . . sorry about that


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