Louvers that know their orientation


Do your shading devices know where they’re at?  Well they should.  In New England, we like a nice big shade on the South, almost nothing on the North, and a whole lot of medium in between, maybe we add some verticals if we’re smart.  Seems simple enough, so how do you get your shades to be a little self aware?  Gimme 12 minutes.


Making a Self Sizing Shade



Download the Panels from here.


Iron Python Scripting in Revit


Back in 2009 Jeremy Tammik alerted us to Daren Thomas’s RevitPythonShell, a way to directly explore the Revit API and do a more scripted style of programming.  So this is something that has  been freely available and out in the world for a long time . . . why am I not seeing it installed on everyone’s machines? 

Daren Thomas's RevitPythonShell in Vasari

I remember reading about it in 2009 and kept telling myself I should look into it.  Well, I finally managed to and it is really cool.  Only available at the moment for release 2011, but just hold on! 

Much more to come on this topic.


Bridges, Man . . .


So I spaced out and totally totally missed the deadline for Design by Many’s pedestrian bridge competition.  C’est la Vie, that’s what I get for going on vacation.  But you, my friend, can still participate by getting in on the community voting.

bridgeHosted 2011-06-15 10-58-29-122

Anyway, looks like the other submissions blow this little twisty out of the water, but I will post my Vasari file here for your amusement and dissection.



It has parameters to adjust the span and curvature of the bridge





The basic construction is a repeating segment


A twisted helical net on the outside


A suspension cable system supporting the deck. 2011-07-04_0808


But I’m pretty sure that, at the moment, the main structural systems are good intentions and hope.

Bridges, Man . . .