Making Revit forms from image files in 9 EZ steps

[Edit:  this is way easier now just using the installer found here: http://autodeskvasari.com/page/download-wips-1]
I've gotten a lot of questions about how to get up and running on the bitmap to panel plug-in that I posted about here
buildz: API Yi Yi: bitmap to panel plugin
and here
Bitmap Panel Video by Emanuel Favreau

This is a relatively simplified and updated description of how to get a relatively simple Revit file up and running on release 2011. More details on how to operate it can be found here, but the following information should get you going.
The following assumes that you have Revit 2011 installed and are curious about API plugins

1. Unzip this file to some place on your hard drive
2. Move ParameterValuesFromImage.addin to the following place on your computer:

C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Autodesk\Revit\Addins\2011\



3. Open ParameterValuesFromImage.addin in a text editor (such as notepad) and change the path of this line

<Assembly>C:\Revit SDK 2011\ParameterValuesFromImage.dll</Assembly>

to where ever you unpacked the .dll file

For example, the new line might read:

4. Open PanelHosted.rfa
5. You should now have a new tab called "Add-Ins", with a button called "external tools".
6. Hit drop down in external tools, you should have "Set Parameter Values From Image data". Click this
7. Divided surface should become a blocky slope.
8. Edit PanelHosted.rfa_grayscale.bmp in an image editor
9. Repeat step 6.


Look Ma, No API: making a sun tracker

Last post I was showing some uses for the "Orientation" parameter for adaptive points, particularly "orthogonal on placement". Now, if building masonry walls is not your thing, then you might find this more compelling. Using the same features, you can design a panel that creates optimized relationships to solar orientation regardless of where it is placed on a particular surface. Download the example file from here, watch the video below.