Dynamo 0.5.3 update

The code continues its evolution.  This week we posted new educational materials, including videos and datasets.  There are a new batch of fixes and features, and there are a number of experiments here that we would love to get some feedback on.  Here's a small selection:

- Open Manipulate and Save Excel files:  We hear that Excel is the most popular BIM tool in the world and so we'd like you to be able to inter-operate with it.

- Number nodes now support sequences and range inputs: This makes me irrationally excited.  Really easy to make sequences and patterns of numbers.  We'll have more in-depth descriptions of this soon, but the basic syntax is Start Condition..End Condition..Increment with some modifications using #.
For example
0..10..2 results in:  0,2,4,6,8,10
0..#6..5 results 6 increments of 5 each:  0,5,10,15,20,25
0..10..#5 results in the range of 0 to 10 broken into 5 pieces:  0,2.5,5,7.5,10

- Save Image from View node:  By popular demand, a tool for automating the export of a specified view

- Axonometric View Creation:  Still working out some of the kinks, but try out this node for automatic creation of views of elements.  We have some ideas in mind for what you might do, but we think you have something cooler in mind.

- More tools for manipulating lists:  Remove from List, Remove Every Nth, Shift List Indices nodes
- Node Renaming: edit the visible name in a node instance by double clicking
- New Tutorials

For the complete list of Fixes and New functionality, take a look at the readme in the latest install or here on GitHub.


More Dynamo Learning: Video Curriculum for Everyone

With the fantastic work of Case's Nathan Miller and Scott Overall, and the generosity of the Autodesk Education Group, we now have an efficient set of video tutorials to Learn Dynamo.  The videos have accompanying Dynamo and Revit files to gently guide educators, students, design professionals, mathematicians, and/or your Mom* through the first steps and more advanced concepts.

If you or someone you love is interested in bringing wholesome, visual, algorithmic goodness to your BIM, please check out these new materials!

*we realize that your Mom may in fact be all of the above.  Go Mom!


Learning Dynamo: Programming for Non-Programmers Workshop

Just got back from RTC North America. A great time, fantastic people, lots of learning. 

Peter Boyer, Matt Jezyk, and I did a presentation on getting started with Dynamo, and I have posted the step by step instructional on the GitHub wiki. If you are just looking to get started, or have mastered the initial concepts, this pdf can help. Starting from the basics of how to launch and make a point, through formulas and custom nodes. 

The lessons are:
-Getting Around in Dynamo:  Installation and Interface
-Create a Point, or, "Hello World!"
-Creating and Laying Out Geometry on Lines, Grids and Lattices
-Synchronizing Family Instance Parameters
-Doing Basic Math with the Formula Node
-Attractors: creating relationships between elements
-Using Revit Geometry in Dynamo and Placing Adaptive Components
-Using Python to Build a Sine Wave in Dynamo
-Using Custom Nodes and Recursion to Create a Fibonacci Sequence

As with everything in Dynamo, we are eager for your feedback, so download the pdf, try out the lessons, and let us know what you think.

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Dynamo 0.5.2, daily Builds, RTC, and more

Updates!  Come and get 'em

It's been an exciting couple of weeks out here in Dynamo-land.  Lots of feedback from users on the GitHub issues site.  A good chunk of the team has also been heads down getting ready for the Revit Technology Conference in Vancouver this week, so look for some new updates to documentation and sample files when we recover from that.

Some additions of note:
- Structural Framing:  Get in the project environment, feed it some curves, and off you go!

- Node alignment tools :  organize your graph

- Color Nodes (Hue, Brightness, Saturation, etc):  Andreas Dieckmann has being building out a replacement for the old "Parameters from Image" addin with these little beauties.

- Lines Through XYZ node
- More List management nodes, Flatten changes, Repeat node
- More Math Nodes
- Find Nodes from Selected Elements
- Watch node shows index of list members
- Last computed value is now displayed on nodes with mouse-over
- Tooltips in search
- Best Fit Plane, Best Fit Arc
- More Bug fixes than you can shake a stick at

Another thing to point out:  we have started sending daily builds to a publicly accessible site.  This is the "bleeding edge" of our development process, relatively untested, but constantly getting new features and bug fixes. Please use at your own risk, back up your work, and report any problems you find to the Github issues site.