Rhino to Revit with Rhynamo and Dynamo

Passing Rhino data to Revit can be a challenge.  I hear lots of stories from folks who have started a project in Rhino and need to migrate the design into a Revit for a more developed building description, and find a number of problems including, but not limited to:  clunky giant SAT imports, cumbersome model rebuild, difficulty with late changes, etc.   There is a four part series that the most excellent Joe Kendsersky wrote here a few years ago that has been pretty effective for engaging in that process.  Today I want to show a more evolved way of passing information from the .3dm file format to .rvt using a great Dynamo package called Rhynamo, developed by Nate Miller and the folks at Case.

Files available here.


Random Numbers to Family Parameters

There are simple ways of looking at random numbers, and then there are awesome ways at looking at random numbers. We shall explore both (and write them to family parameters in Revit).

Download sample files here.


Get Mass Floor Data

Revit Massing studies + Dynamo = Love.

There is an interesting quirk in extracting data from Revit Mass Floors with Dynamo (probably any Revit API tool).  Levels that are assigned to masses that don't hit the floor come up as blank data (not zero, not null), so there is a little cleaning up you need to do.

Datasets can be downloaded from here.