Candy Stripes for your Facade

User Question:  I have 3 types of panels I need to alternate across my building facade in vertical strips, a full spandrel, ventilation, and vision (all glass).  How do I do this without manually changing all the panels?

Try this out: manually place the three panels you want, select these, and hit repeat.  The pattern will shoot across and down the whole facade.  Watch the video.  If you want to change elements, you can tab select the ones that are wrong and swap them out for other panels.


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[Edit:  Video from this session is now posted here.]

Tuesday, February 5, 2013 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST

In this session, MIT students Stefano Andreani, Aurgho Jyoti, Patrick Little, Vernelle Noel, and Jaeyual Lee from Zach Kron and Dennis Shelden's class Digital Fabrication and Construction will present case studies of Gensler's Shanghai Tower and Herzog and deMeuron’s Beijing National Stadium. They will explain how they built parametric study models using Vasari and how they then leveraged these models for additional analysis.

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