Neither of These Keyboards Suck

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Cleaning up the house, I found these pictures taken years ago at a flea market in Italy.  They feel like writing instruments from an alternate reality.  They remind me of this post and have me thinking about “intuitive interfaces” and learned behaviors.


Self-Rationalizing Ellipse


I love them dearly, but David and Phil are making you work too hard.  Who wants to layout a billion trimmed circles to then make a billion arc segments?   You’re having a hard day, your *$%# boss is making you figure out arc radii so that the *$%# contractor can actually build your *$%# boss’s *$%# elliptical wall.  *$%#^ that.  Use this tool instead.

Self-Rationalizing Ellipse Demo

Oh, it breaks in lots of situations . . . but what do you want for a  free tool you lazy, lazy office drone.


Pebbles, Bam-bam.


“Is there a way of creating an irregular dome/pebble shape using conceptual mass?”


Irregular Dome Shapes

Is there a way to be able to build it affordably?

Umm . . .