Dynamo 0.3.4 Update

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Ok, we're starting to get the delivery speed a little faster.  Last update was a month ago, but I'd like to see it at 2 week intervals if possible.
What's new?  Lots!  Here is a little teaser of what it looks and feels like in 0.3.4

New and Updated Nodes
  • Adaptive Components
  • Formulas using N-Calc syntax
  • Compute Face Derivatives
  • Project Points on Curves and Faces
  • Extract Solids, Faces, and Edges from elements
  • Evaluation of Curves and Edges
  • Selection of Imports, Host objects, Edges, Faces and Solids from Element
  • Watch3d improvements
  • Python node Autocomplete (in progress and only in Revit)
Functionality and UI
  • Appearance Cleanup
  • Preview geometry in Dynamo Background
  • Category and Node Browsing Improvements
  • Ability to pass lists into nodes (Lacing and auto-mapping of lists)
  • New Node appearance
  • Graph retains memory and parametric control of elements created in previous sessions


Vasari Talk: What's new in Dynamo

Where:  Webinar
Date:  Wednesday, May 15th,
Time: 11:30 to 12:30 pm Eastern Time
Description: In this session Autodesk's Zach Kron will discuss the latest release of Dynamo Visual Programming for Revit and Vasari.  He will demonstrate the latest improvements to the user interface, new node functionalities, and walk through some of the new sample files.  He will also discuss the goals of the project and how users can become a part of the development process.

Learning Objectives
After this session, participants will be able to:
  1. Create and place sample Revit families and geometry using spreadsheet data and recursive systems.
  2. Pattern a sample surface.
  3. Visualize complex sample geometry quickly inside of the programming interface.
  4. Create compact custom functionality they can share with colleagues.

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Moving Stuff around in Dynamo: Transforms, Lists, and Making real Revit Elements

As we roll out fresh baked pieces of the emerging visual programming tool for Revit/Vasari, I thought I would walk through a couple of the new samples.  Transforms (the ability to move, rotate, scale, mirror, etc stuff that you have already made) are one of the new pieces.

The above video demonstrates the process of moving "abstract" geometry around inside of Dynamo, the next video shows how to make this abstract line into full Revit geometry and still maintain the relationship to the Dynamo graph.

While we are actively improving the way that nodes handle lists in Dynamo, here is a demo of how to go from a single element to large sequences of elements using "Map" and "Combine" functionality.

Get the latest build of Dynamo here