Happy Halloween V

(Ritchie Jackson, in solidarity with the Boston Red Sox, submitted the proper interpretation of a pumpkin carving.  I'm under slept, so it took me a little while to figure that one out.)

But on to the BIMkins!  A lovely batch again this year, with segmented orange harvest season parametric goodness.

The Goodest

This years award for the pumpkin that shows all that is harmonious and ordered, hack free and quantifiable in a parametric pumpkin goes to Alfredo Medina.
Alfredo Medina's MEP pumpkin asks the question "have you ever scheduled a pumpkin?"

And what exactly are we scheduling?  All MEP fixtures!  Ducts, connectors, conduits, all counted and measured.
And you don't have to look too closely before asking . . . is that a commode nose?
Yes . . .. yes it is.
Download Alfredo's pumpkin from here.

The Baddest

Kelvin Tam's PumPin
The award for the pumpkin embodying uncanny scariness, a serious and terrifying aspect.

Something happened to the staff at Buildz in the late 80's.  We all uniformly have a debilitating terror associated with the Pinhead character from Hellraiser.
Don't get us wrong Kelvin.  We appreciate the deft handling of surface normals, and the satisfying bounce and spring in the resizable and pleasingly rounded aspect of this submission.  All masterful.

But Manni, the summer intern (who thinks we are still paying into his direct deposit and hasn't gone back to school) hasn't been able to sleep in his nest in the server room since seeing this.  And Franz, our web guru, LEED expert, and coffee gopher, has been completely useless . . . just rocking back and forth muttering "come to daddy"  So, thanks for that, Kelvin.

The Mostest Parametric

Philip Chan's the Nightmare Before Halloween.
Remember those little rubber squeezy toys that, when you sat on it, or gave it to your dog, the eyes would pop out like a chihuahua on amphetamines?
Well, unlike the chihuahua, this one has a an actual check box to pop out the eyes.
The scale factor can go any size 1 or below, which changes the head size. You can control the smile length (mouth_length) as well as the teeth number. It's also hella big . . . coming in at a hefty 241mb, which Philip attributes to the rather elaborate eyelashes
We tend to agree.  (Also, since when do pumpkins have eyelashes?)

Philip also gives a shout out to Kelvin Tam and Andy Milburn for the tips and tricks he has learned from them to make this pumpkin.

Best in Breed/Off topic

We really don't know what to do with Andy Milburn's fabulous stuff anymore. Last year it was close enough to pumpkin based that we welcomed his Sleeping Beauty/Archimboldo extravaganza of harvest vegetables into the general arena of pumpkin carving.  This year we are treated to another BIM opera of taste, color, form, and visual excitement . . . and once again it is a stunning tour of the parametric capabilities of Revit.

But it just isn't a pumpkin carving!
It is however an 11 blog post long study in proportion, perspective, perception, art history and MEP hash pipes.   Words fail, yet again Andy.  Thanks so much for being you. And dear readers, please please please frequent Andy's site for some profound insights.
Read more about this work and download the models from here.

A final heartfelt thank you to all our contestants.  Philip, Kelvin, Alfredo, and Andy, please send in your mailing addresses and shirt sizes!


Late Pumpkins

The team at Buildz is extending the deadline for pumpkin submissions!  Please submit before dawn (approx at 7am eastern standard) Oct 29!


Dynamo Update release 0.6.1

The next incremental release of Dynamo visual programming is out, with lots of fixes and shiny new tools.  

Undo/Redo now available:  yes, we know this has been a long time in coming and is a pretty basic thing.

Visualization in canvas (available in Vasari only):  By default, whenever you make any kind of geometric entity, Dynamo will create preview geometry in the Vasari canvas.  This is a lightweight, quickly regenerating temporary visualization that will only be active during the session, nothing is saved in the file and these are not true Revit elements.    Because Vasari is on a slightly different development schedule than Revit, it has a few additional tools available for that we can take advantage of.

Override Colors in View:  this node allows users to create arbitrarily override default colors of Revit families on a per-view basis.  You can use this to create your own analysis outputs, diagram relationships, or whatever you need color for.

View creation nodes:  Programmatically create section, axo, crop controls,element isolation, more.  In Revit, use them in conjunction with sheet creation and view placement nodes and they will update like any other good BIM element.

Package manager improvements:  Search for nodes is now instant (no commit needed).  Deprecation of existing packages is available, so you can remove existing nodes from search and indicate that you have a node that is no longer supported. We also have improved save functionality to allow for creating variations of existing custom nodes.

Raybounce node: this is a very general implementation of a ray casting tool, which is appropriate for doing all sorts of analysis or form finding.  Use it for glare studies, acoustic simulations, view analysis, and much more. Input a starting point for for the ray and its direction, get a list of objects that are hit and the xyz coordinate of the intersection of rays and elements

Check the readme for a full list of fixes and improvements.
- Project to Face/Plane corrections
- many excel node fixes and performance improvements
- Python output improvements for integers
- Best Fit Plane Orientation consistency
- Conditional statements don't break formula node
- Custom node fixes
- Package Manager download fixes

- Undo/Redo now available
- Many UI improvements
- Visualization in canvas (available in Vasari only)
- Background and watch 3d can now draw from any node with geometric output
- Coloring preview geometry based on node selection
- navigation without with key commands
- navigation with onscreen commands
- View creation nodes: section, axo, crop controls,element isolation, more
- Sheet creation and View placement
- Override Colors in View
- Package manager search is now instant, no commit needed
- Deprecation of Packages
- Drop down menus sorted by name
- name inputs for levels
- better reference line/model line creation methods
- Model Text nodes
- Raybounce nodes


5th Annual Parametric Pumpkin Carving

Do you ever feel like stabbing something . . . over and over. Maybe ripping the top off and pulling its innards out? Well this is the season for you! 

It's time for the 5th Annual Buildz Parametric Pumpkin Carving! Sharpen your knives and dull your mind, time to express the design intent and relational organization of pumpkins! 

Prizes, as always, will be awarded for The Goodest, The Baddest, and The Mostest Parametric. 

Remember that we at Buildz Open Sores Software and Vegetable Perforations LLP are platform agnostic. Submit entries from whatever platform you are comfortable in: Fusion, Digital Project, Processing, Live Buildings, Bit Blocks, interpretive dance, all are welcome. Our factory judges are not judgy (but we will ridicule you for thoughtless use of knee-jerk anti-skeuomorphism). 

Along with receiving bragging rights, the winners will have their work showcased on these pages to the other reader of Buildz, and receive a valuable piece of Buildz schwag. Entries must be received by 12 noon EST Oct 28. Winners will be announced at midnight on Halloween. 

So pour yourself a Cement Mixer, upgrade the firmware on your Digi-Comp II, and make a generative, SAAS, data-matched, debt-ceilinged, always on, sledge-hammer licking Jack O’Lantern. Post entries to zachkron@gmail.com, at least a screenshot, but feel free to send models, journals, parameters, videos, scripts, whatever, modeled in whatever you like. If you have some ginormous file, please send a link or let me know and we can work out some kind of upload. 

It makes the pumpkin or else it gets the hose!


Data from Others

Yes.  It turns out that there are people who use tools other than Revit and Vasari to make their stuff.

Crazy, I know!  But it's true.

Regardless, we in the Dynamo anarcho-syndicalist commune are less interested in your platform and more interested in your DATA.  We love your data, we want to be close to it, reference it, parse it, and convert it into high grade BIM.  

Spreadsheets are, in many ways, the lingua franca of the AEC world, and Dynamo is working to speak that language.  Here is one example.

Datasets available for download here.  (These files are made using the latest "bleeding edge" development builds from here)