Time is running out!

From Vintage Ephemera

Pumpkin deadline is looming, Oct 28 is nigh!

We've had a pretty good track record over the 1/2 decade of pumpkins . . . the form never fails to yield up new variations on the theme.

Getting a little nostagic and looking back at Year One, with finalists using Revit, Rhino/Grasshopper, and Inventor, submitted by the Greats: David Light, William Lopez Campo, and Rob Cohee.
Interesting that, while at the time only Rob was working for Autodesk, now William and David are too . . .
Check out the whole catalog, look for MEP, video games, early Dynamo prototypes, and other inventive oddities.


Galactic Pumpkraft

3 best things I saw this weekend:

  • Marvel Comics Dazzler issue #11, featuring this image of Galactus, godlike cosmic traveler, devourer of planets:

Loungin' like a boss in his fine post modern laz-e-boy.  A lesson to all you would be world dominators to occasionally kick back and take it easy.

  • 11 year old Green-Octopus-Spider-man's Minecraft stuff made real via jMc2Obj to Meshmixer to Repetier to Printrbot.
  • Revit Structural Framing and Floor pumpkin sketches via Dynamo (git yer red-hot pumpkin maker component on the Package Manager now)
15 days to Pumpkin!  What better way to celebrate Invasion Day than with digital pumpkin carving?


6th Annual Parametric Pumpkin Carving

(Four months later . . .)
Sometimes the bottom falls out . . . the buildz-mobile catches a flat, the water heater explodes, some joker hides a bunch of fresh bananas in your cape just before you unleash the flying monkeys on disloyal minions . . . what have you.

Well, that isn't what happened.  We at Buildz International Inc, LLC, have just been real damn busy.  And neglectful.  Sorry about that, and thank you for your concerned letters. (BTW, "riddance" has 2 d's, you illiterate cretin).  We pledge to do better starting today.

And so, to kickstart the old beast back into production, we happily announce the 6th Annual Parametric Pumpkin Carving! Lubricate your fuse deposition modelers, fuse your model lubricants, and start making hierarchically engraved vegetables!

Prizes, as always, will be awarded for The Goodest, The Baddest, and The Mostest Parametric.

Remember that we at Buildz Open Sores Software and Vegetable Perforations LLP are platform agnostic. Submit entries from whatever tools you are comfortable with: Flood, Lego, LittleBits, abacus, Abaqus, all are welcome. Our factory judges are not judgy (well, we are, but we do it behind your back).

Along with receiving bragging rights, the winners will have their work showcased on these pages to the tens of readers of Buildz, and receive a valuable piece of Buildz schwag. Entries must be received by 12 noon EST Oct 28. Winners will be announced at midnight on Halloween.

So pour yourself a Dynamo (actually, don't), boot up your AKAT 1, and make a web-gl viewable, json based, gluten-free, smart-watch compatible Jack O'Lantern. Post entries to zachkron@gmail.com, at least a screenshot, but feel free to send models, journals, parameters, videos, scripts, whatever, modeled in whatever you like. If you have some huge-ass file, please send a link or let us know and we can work out some kind of upload.

A parting allegory/quiz:
A freshly poured cold beer is put on the counter just before the phone rings. When the pourer comes back and it's warm, (BTW, this is known as Alchohol Neglect) the pourer must decide whether to drink this flat, warm beer or pour it out and start a new one.
What is the proper course of action?